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Simon Says “Fuck Me!, children’s play-frame, metal poles
the pack, snooker table, beuys, chalk, art
aluminium crutches, zimmer frames
charity jumpers, plastic figurines, wire, found image
Mother’s and Father’s Little Helpers, condiment set, viagra, valium, salt, pepper
lilliput, shot put, model galleon, shot, cannonball, cannon ball
Broad Oak, Dark Finish, coffin, kitchen
Emergency Help Point, barrier tapes, maypole
Ice cream van, willow, metal
walnut whiplash, car bumper, metal post, imitation-walnut plastic veneer
work in progress, high-visibility workwear, steel fencing, electric fan
Bear, soft toy, child’s trike, faeces
shellford, shell, ford, american oak, oak
l'escargot, faeces, snail, toilet roll holder
The Grey Room, Zimmer frames

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No Accommodation At The England, raft, ark, soft toys, found storage vessels, wood, rope
Rorschach's Banana Party, rorschach, ink, inkblot, inkblot test, test
Day-Glo pink paint, pre-existing concrete monolith
roundabout, zimmer frames, wood
Domestic Flight, model aircraft, ironing board
bag, polythene sheeting, electric fan
Bingo Postmaster, bingo, postmaster, post, pillar, box, postbox, kerplunk, game, rules, pillarbox, royal mail, gamble, bet
gallery, white, tube, white cube gallery
international freight, freight, pallet, wood, multiples